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With one of the top ten psychologists in the world, Robert M. Nideffer, Ph.D., serving as our Executive Vice Chairman, and more than 150 years of combined, in-house expertise in high-performance psychology consulting, we eliminate big headaches by quickly getting to the core of an individual’s or group’s competencies and limitations. Using our proprietary psychological tool, the TAIS Inventory—one of the most revealing psychological assessments available—we are the go-to choice for outstanding results in both assessment and executive search.

Bottom line: Companies in every industry imaginable, from small to large, come to us for help with people decisions when they cannot afford to get it wrong!

In addition, through our distribution subsidiary, some of the most demanding, organizations in business, sports and the military on the planet use TAIS to field their very best. A small sample of users includes: New England Patriots; Canadian Special Forces; Microsoft; Seattle Seahawks; Magna Automotive; New York Giants; General Motors; FBI; Navy SEALS; Hilton Hotels; numerous teams in the NHL and MLB; McKinsey; US Army Special Forces Command; and many more. In fact, more than 1000 organizations and companies rely on TAIS to field their best.

Now in our 37th year in business, we have the track record. We have the experience. We have the expertise. What can we do to help you with your biggest “people” challenges?

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