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CEO’s and other leaders are constantly looking for ways to interact with their team members and hold their attention. With that in mind, I created the Quote of the Month (QOTM) about five years ago, as a way for senior executives to provide ideas and inspiration to those who were most interested.

The QOTM first started out in hard copy, and was sent out by regular mail. The reason for doing so was quite simple: I visited a number of senior leader’s offices and many had these quotes taped to their office walls for easy access to use when an occasion arose. One CEO had twelve of these quotes taped up on her walls!

Alas, with changing times, the overwhelming consensus was to move to an electronic format. So, welcome to my musings and thoughts that I hope are worthy of comment when it comes to leadership. These narratives come along every month, our clients have enthusiastically endorsed them. Perhaps you might find a gem or two in here, as well. All the best!

David Simpson
April, 2020

Those interested should watch this page for updates, as we plan to make it part of a “blog” site feature. For the time being, here are links to some of David's more recent QOTM favorites.     —djsimpson.com webmaster

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