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Simpson Associates is now in its 37th year in the executive search business. For over three and a half decades, we have handled assignments across North America and beyond, in almost every industry one can think of — real estate, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, high tech, aerospace, airlines, franchising, restaurant groups … you get the idea. And we are generalists — not specialists. We conduct searches for the entire C-suite, and at the VP level.

Now, one can surmise that all the above is quite similar to many other search firms. That being said, from here on out you may well find some differences. Please consider this: Our real mandate is not executive search

In many ways, our group is NOT in the search business. Yes, on the surface it definitely looks that way. After all, we are handling multiple searches on any given day. However, for the most part, our REAL business is helping our clients beat the daylights out of their competition. So, except in certain circumstances, we do not accept searches from new clients that put us in conflict with our current customer base.

Now, the good news is that as a boutique search firm, it is relatively rare for us to run into these conflicts. However, they do occasionally happen. The other good news is that, as a client of Simpson Associates, you never have to give consideration to what we are doing with your competitors. The answer is nothing. We are only there to help our customers out-perform their rivals. Period.

More about our customer base

We work with a gamut of both publicly trades and privately held companies. Some are smaller (a few million dollars in terms of revenue). Others are quite large — into the billions in top line. Regardless, all of them are going through significant change. They may be growing substantially. They may be experiencing serious and threatening internal or external threats (or both) to that growth. Nevertheless, our customer base is made up of organizations who are big proponents of big accomplishments. They are all eager to take on substantial challenges. They are striving to excel in their market space.

There are also some businesses that we generally do not accept in our client base. In the vast majority of cases, we turn down invitations to work with family-run and off-shore operations, regardless of the size.

With both new and current customers, our client is almost always at the level of C-suite or beyond. It is unusual for our group to work with “first contacts” outside the C-suite.

Client lists

This one is easy. We do not publish our client list — ever. We work with a superb group of senior executives and their respective corporations and organizations. However, we will never make their names known on a web page or in some other public domain. There are times that a new client might like to check a reference. That we can do when the timing is right. We will discreetly provide a new customer with one or two Board Chairs or CEOs who know our work.

Psychological assessment

Typically, we psychologically assess the executive team of a new client before we accept their work. The good news (again) is this process can be done quite unobtrusively and is virtually invisible. We do not need to put psychological tests in front of your executive team to conduct a group an appraisal of your senior team.

There are many reasons for this approach. One of them is that all candidates that are presented on the short-list will have gone through a thorough psychological assessment. And as the old adage goes, “what is good for the goose is good for the gander.” To better understand the rest of the rationale for this approach, a discussion would be best.

So why do customers work with us?

The above paragraphs could well be somewhat daunting. After all, we do not work with family or off-shore held businesses. We do not accept competitors. We will not take initial meetings with your HR department. And we will not provide a client list. And we (discreetly) psychologically assess your team prior to any search work. One could certainly understand how this list of do’s and don’ts might be less than palatable. So why is our search practice growing at the rate that it is (very quickly)? The answer is our track record!

Simpson Associates’ track record

Corporations and other organizations come to us when they simply cannot afford to get it wrong. That is why our corporate theme is …

Getting It Done Right

That is our commitment to you, our client. And we put it in writing! Our search group has a track record that is second to none. If you cannot afford to make a mistake, if you absolutely have to ensure the successful candidate will do an outstanding job for you, we are your solution.

Big, bold words, for sure! And having such an outcome, every time, for our customers, is certainly comforting. However, being right, every time, has its challenges. It is one of the reasons that almost our entire search process is different. One could easily surmise that it would likely have to be in order to produce that level of result — without exception.

In the end, after all is said and done, we are the group you want to speak to when “Getting It Done Right” is absolutely essential.


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