Welcome to Grandlark Investments Inc.

Grandlark Investments Inc. (GII) is a small, private equity firm that specializes in acquiring companies, from anywhere in the world, that own proprietary rights to psychological tests and related products and services.

The typical deal size is between $2M CDN to $5M CDN. Interested in opportunities in which 100% of the outstanding shares are available for purchase. Additionally, Grandlark’s investment strategy is typically “buy and hold” for the long term.

Grandlark Investments funds all of its acquisitions without the financial involvement of outside partners or other participating shareholders. The company does consider both VTB’s and full cash buyouts and it is not unusual for our group to finance an acquisition entirely internally, with no debt, senior or otherwise. GII works with primary financing groups in certain cases but does not participate in mezzanine funding or other types of junior security.

Our typical investments focus only on Asset Purchases (including IP) and rarely involve the acquisition of the target corporation itself. Most often, we require long-term consulting contracts with key individuals in the target business following an acquisition.

GII is actively considering more acquisitions in the psychological testing instrument space.


March 2015
GII completed an Asset Purchase Agreement with Enhanced Performance Systems of San Diego, California. The primary asset purchased in the transaction was a psychometric assessment tool called The Attentional and Interpersonal Style inventory (TAIS). TAIS is a world-renowned assessment instrument that was developed by Dr. Robert M. Nideffer — one of the top psychologists in the world. Dr. Nideffer holds a place on the Advisory Board and is on a long-term consulting contract as part of the acquisition.



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